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Therapuetic Massage

 This is the most popular massage because it targets areas of tension, but still provides an overall relaxing effect. If you have a specific area that needs attention, or just trying massage for the first time, this is the massage choice for you.

Hot Stone Therapy

Are you overworked, overstressed, and feeling like you have no energy? Hot Stones provide deep relaxation, restore depleted energy, and leave you feeling more balanced. Sure to be your new favorite!

Deep Tissue

Deep tissue massage is often misunderstood, and thought to be painful, or just for athletes. Large, dense muscle groups need more pressure to encourage them to release. Deep Tissue is designed to address stubborn muscles or chronic tension areas. Great results are acheived through communication and utilizing breath.


Exclusively for mommy-to-be. Imagine lying on your side in a comfortable position. Pillows are placed strategically to provide extra comfort and support. Massage away your achey feet, back, and neck.

Seated Chair Massage

Massage on the go. Bring the comfort and relaxation of massage to you. Seated chair massage is often used in the corporate setting. It provides a mental and physical break, to refresh your senses, and renew energy to finish your busy day.


Reiki is a gentle, non evasive energy work that promotes balance.

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